Keep your mailboxes free from conventional spam messages as well as high-profile phishing attacks

Blocks unwanted, unsafe email traffic

Get AI-based protection against viruses

Key Features

Adapted to the latest email threats

We process over 500 million emails per day, which feeds our AI engine and continually fine-tunes the filter to adapt to the latest email threats and filter-bypassing techniques. The analysis is carried out using machine learning and deep learning algorithm across webpages, attachments, and images.

Support Vector Machine and Deep Neural Network classifiers are used to identify subtle grammatical and stylistic choices, which are commonly found in phishing emails, along with attempts to add urgency to the request and other red flags associated with phishing.

Protection against web-based phishing attacks

We also offer real-time protection against the web-based component of phishing attacks. When an end user clicks on a URL in an email, the link is followed in its entirety, including redirects, to identify the landing page. The page is then scanned and blocked if malicious components are detected.

Protection against Zero-day threats

Today’s malware threats keep changing their behaviour along numerous dimensions to avoid detection by traditional technologies. Our Anti-Virus filter performs rich correlation across multiple detection vectors to block over millions of threats daily by automatically choosing from multiple detection techniques to analyse the threat and also detonate the potential malware payload thus providing actionable threat intelligence. This helps us detect threats that have never been seen before, such as files with modified signatures or no signature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will there be any delay in email delivery with so many filtering processes?

A business mails delivery on time is the top most priority & hence this robust infrastructure is built in such a way that the overall scanning process is completed within microseconds thereby resulting in no delay of emails.

2. What is the difference between anti-spam & anti-phishing?

Both spam and phishing are used to manipulate a user into revealing their personal information, passwords, account credentials, etc. Spam mails are mostly generic & sent to a lot of users at a time whereas phishing is a targeted attack on an organization or a user. Hence the filtering algorithms for both these types are different & both are needed as part of your business email security.

3. Do you have spam whitelisting?

Yes, if you feel that a certain sender or a domain should not get identified as spam then the administrator can add whitelist such domain or sender with the option available in the admin panel.

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