A cloud-based backup system that stores all the emails sent by and received from an email address in a separate cloud environment

Never lose your email data

It’s not a complicated system

Key Features

The backup process is continuous

The system automatically backs up the emails sent from and received by the mailbox, so the administrator does not have to worry about the periodicity of the backup.

Backup selected mailboxes

In any organization, not every user’s mailbox needs to be backed up. An IT admin can decide to back up the mailboxes of only certain critical users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How frequently is backup taken?

Storing emails in a backup mailbox is a continuous process. As soon as the user sends or receives a mail, it also gets stored in the backup mailbox.

2. Can sent mails also get backed up?

Yes. Every email sent from the web interface and the mobile app gets backed up. However, if you are using desktop mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, the sent emails will not be backed up unless the user has allowed the sent emails to be saved from the Settings option.

3. How secure is backup? Who can access the backup system?

The backup mailbox is completely secure. Only the IT administrator has access to the email backup system.

4. Can users restore the mails by themselves?

To restore mails or complete mailbox, users have to send a request to the administrator. The administrator then restores mails in the primary mailbox. User can then access them on webmail or download in their desktop mail clients again.

5. In which folder will the mails be restored?

Our backup solution retains the mailbox folder structure. Thus when the mails are restored, they are restored in their respective folder on the primary mailbox. For e.g. sent mails will be restored in the sent folder of the primary mailbox.

6. How to restore the user’s mailbox when his primary mail account is deleted?

The administrator has to create a user again with the same email id and restore the mailbox.

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