We understand your storage space needs better than most business email providers.

Other business email providers:

1) Their plans start from higher size mailboxes such as 30 GB and 50 GB. So, their email is comparatively costlier.
2) When you upgrade your mailbox, you have to purchase a large-size mailbox, and therefore you spend more every time you upgrade.
3) There’s no intelligent feature to optimize storage space.


1)We have mailboxes ranging from 1 GB to 50 GB. With us, you can pick a smaller mailbox size and save on costs.
2) As your company grows and you wish to increase your mailbox size, you can still purchase a mailbox of as small as 1 GB size. This means that upgrading costs much less with us.
3) Our pooled storage facility allows you to purchase a common storage space and then distribute it among various mailboxes. This feature helps save on space and cost.

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