A dedicated instant messenger for business and companies

1-on-1 or team conversations on a dedicated office messenger

Keep your personal phone number private

Shift seamlessly between office email & Chat

Control access to the messenger

Key Features

Share with search criteria

  1. Use a search criteria that suits your requirement using parameters like Label, From, To, Subject, date range, Attachment availability & its size range.
  2. Ideal when the mails of a certain type are coming in to a certain email ID currently and now its time to share the same to another email ID or a team of users.
  3. Powerful enough to allow delegation to an individual or collaborative team, by just a single keyword in subject line of the mail.

Dedicated Mobile App

  1. Light weight Dedicated Mobile App for users on-the-move.
  2. Office email ID based access to the app (not mobile number due to security reasons)
  3. Single-Sign-On allows user to access the service directly without login as long as the user is logged-in into the Enterprise email app.

Familiar Chat UI with multimedia

  1. Display profile photo of the employee and let others recognise you.
  2. Exchange any Media file – Text, multimedia attachments (Images, Audio, Video) and documents are allowed.
  3. Chat in your own language – Communicate in any language you want – as long as your colleagues understand it, and your device supports it.
  4. Supports large file link sharing with the help of rCloud service.

Messaging controls

  1. Group owner can invite only selective employees to the group. Allow members with the following rights – view only, view & post, add as admin, etc.
  2. Dynamic groups can also be created based on various parameters like employee role, city, designation, department, etc. This would allow users to be automatically be part of those groups that exist based on those parameters.
  3. Admin has the ability to control who can have the license to chat, be part of which groups and what file type and size could be exchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is rBol?

rBol is a secure instant messenger app for businesses available on iOS, Android, and on the Rediffmail for Work website.

2. How is rBol different than other public social instant messengers?

One of the important differences is that rBol works with your employees work email addresses & not their mobile numbers thereby maintaining the complete privacy of the user.

3. Does the Redimail app & rBol need separate login?

No, If the user has already installed the Rediffmail app on the same mobile then no separate login is needed for rBol. It works with a Single Sign-on facility & the user will get logged in automatically in the rBol app however if the user has not installed the Rediffmail app on the same mobile then login details for rBol are needed.

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