With Cloud Storage, store all your data files on our remote servers and share files in a securely from any device

Access your documents anytime, from any device

Reduces the risk of data loss

Key Features

Auto Sync

You can use the rCloud Desktop App to automatically synchronize files and folders present on your computer with rCloud.

Easy Retrieval

Files saved on rCloud can be retrieved using either the web interface or corresponding data app. Files can be easily downloaded on a mobile or any other device with internet connectivity.

Secure File Sharing with Policies

With the File Sharing feature of rCloud you can share your files with other users. You can either send a file to another user or invite multiple users to view your data.

You can also control who gets what level of access to your data: whether one can view only; one can download; or one can make changes to your data files. The secure share feature of rCloud ensures that only authorised users with a valid password/OTP can access your data files. 

Fosters Collaboration

rCloud storage also integrates with the document management feature of rCloud, through which one can create, edit, and co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations using a browser-based interface and without having to invest in a separate office suite.

Scalable and Flexible

rCloud storage is scalable and flexible. If the current plan of storage is not enough, you can add more storage at any time, as and when required. Notably, after adding more storage, you do not need to move any data from one device/location to another. This makes rCloud a true pay-as-you-go service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I share my data on Rcloud with others?

Yes, a user can share files stored in the Rcloud storage with internal & external users respectively.  There is also option to share files securely with password & OTP.

2. Is RCloud available on mobile devices?

Yes, Rcloud is a licensed feature & it is available as part of mobile app named “Rediffmail Professional” in google playstore & apple store respectively.

3. Is it possible to sync a desktop folder with RCloud?

There is a plugin that can be installed on a user’s machine & it will then sync the data available in a respective folder with the online storage. So, the user need not upload the file every time, just save the files in the folder & it will sync automatically with the online storage

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