Global Address Book a searchable directory of all business contacts

An intuitive list of contacts and email addresses that matter to your email domain

Add Emailed Contacts automatically to your address book

Contacts remain in sync across devices

Key Features

Multiple Address Books

2 types of address lists are concurrently available to each user:

  1. Personal contacts, that are automatically extracted from the mails sent by that particular users and
  2. The global address book as defined by the administrator, as per the organizational policy.

Group ID

Group email addresses are those used by more than one user, or by a team, such as or A user license is required to create a group ID as it comes with a specific storage and also several additional features that control how the members of the group can mail within the group.

Distribution/Mailing List or Newsletters

The IT admin can create lists from the admin control panel. Enter a name for your distribution list and then enter email addresses. You can search your Contacts folder, your Global and Personal Address Books for email addresses to add to your list, or you can enter them manually in the box below. Advanced options are available to create mailing lists based on various parameters like department, location etc.

Address Book in Hybrid setup

With a directory service and Single-Sign-On (SSO) it is also possible to create, manage and update all the type of email addresses from any of the two or more email service providers on the business domain. This prevents human errors and increases efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I add external email accounts in Global address book?

Yes; the administrator can add email accounts that are not part of your domain from the admin panel. Once added, these email accounts will be then seen in all users Global Address book of the user.

2. Is it possible to sync the global address book with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Rediffmail for Work has a plugin that can be installed on the user’s machine. This plugin will sync the global address book & make it available for the user on Microsoft Outlook

3. How can I export my personal address book?

You need to login to your webmail in the browser. Click on Contacts bar in the left side. In the contacts page, on the menu bar, you will see Export address book.

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