Ensure that certain information can be accessed “only” from authorised devices

A smart way to protect your data and resources

Restrict sharing of sensitive information

Key Features

Bind your mails to your mobile device

Those who use Rediffmail For Work’s mobile app can have device binding enabled for their mobile by having their unique device ID (UUID) stored on the server.

Easy to enable and disable

Administrator will have controls to enable/disable the feature, and to add/remove UUIDS of any user. Once enabled, administrator can then set mail access restrictions for the user, to enforce mail access only from the registered mobile device.

Applicable at a user level

This is a per user feature and not a per domain feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Device Binding available with Rediffmail's mobile app?

Yes, administrator has the option to bind a certain device for a particular user. The user needs to share a code that will be generated in the Rediffmail mobile app, the administrator can use this code to bind the device.

2. Is Device Binding available with Rediffmail for Work's email solution?

Device Binding for rediffmail mobile apps is a part of the email solution however If the requirement is to bind email access to a certain desktop/laptop then license for the same should be purchased.

3. What other restrictions features are available with Rediffmail for Work?

Rediffmail for Work has multiple features that can be applied by the administrator to restrict email usage for the users.

  1. Mail access restrictions – It helps the administrator to block the login access from different protocols like https, pop, imap, smtp.
  2. Feature access restrictions – The administrator can block certain feature like auto-forward, profile details, etc. as per the organization requirements.
  3. IP restrictions – Administrator can allow email access only from a certain set of IP’s.

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