Ensures that email services carry on uninterrupted even in tough situations

Peace of mind even when the going gets tough

No compromise on email security

Well-structured Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Key Features

Separate access

Mail sign-in and access will be provided from a different domain, that’ll be shared with you when you avail of the disaster recovery service.

Not extended to auxiliary features

As it stands today, our disaster recovery service cannot be extended to auxiliary features supporting the mail service, such as Group Chat, RCloud, Calendar, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Disaster recovery needed?

It is a setup activated in a different data centre altogether, this means your data is available at a primary location & is also is sync with the other data centre.  For business continuity, if any emergencies affect our primary data centre, your mail services will still continue from the other data centre.

2. How is Rediffmail for Work’s disaster recovery different from the backup feature?

Rediffmail for work backup feature is useful when you want to restore data for a particular user however as the term ”Disaster” suggests incase of any unavoidable emergencies with the primary data centre, your business continuity should not get hampered & hence a separate setup is needed for business continuity

3. Will there be any delay in email delivery?

Rediffmail for Work disaster recovery is built with almost real time sync process wherein the data available in the primary data centre keeps syncing with the other data centre.

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