Monitor suspicious email activity and prevent sensitive data from slipping out of your organization through your office email

Data Leak Prevention

Monitor incidences of DLP policy violation in realtime

No extra installation required

Key Features

Content Filtering by Keywords, Patterns and File Types

Use keywords, reg-ex pattern, file type or a combination of these to define sensitive content. Our DLP solution scans your outbound email’s subject, body, signature and even attachments for sensitive data.

Scans through Attachments with OCR

The DLP solution uses Optical Character Recognition to identify sensitive content in well-defined images within attachments as well as in business email signatures.

Detailed Incident Logs with shadow logging and masking

Shadow logging lets the authorized admin keep a copy of the violating attachment. Masking hides a portion of the sensitive pattern or keyword filtered out, maintaining the confidentiality of the data even in the logs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is needed to start using this DLP solution?

For using this DLP solution, we require the users in your organization to be on Rediffmail for Work. Apart from that a DLP subscription confirmation is all that is required.

2. Does this DLP solution require installation on all of my company's devices?

No, this DLP Solution works at the Email Gateway and doesn’t require installation on any of your company’s devices. Moreover, you can choose the users and departments in your company to protect and subscribe only for those, selectively.

3. Does this DLP Solution work with other business email providers?

No, this DLP solution requires your business email to be on Rediffmail for Work.

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