Let your clients know it's you and not an imposter.

DMARC Reporting gives you valuable insights

Key Features

Builds on established protocols

DMARC builds on the widely deployed SPF and DKIM protocols. It lets you manage messages that don’t pass SPF or DKIM.

Real-time web-based reporting

When you implement DMARC, a real-time web-based tool sends you reports of the IP addresses of every email originating from your domain, whether each of these emails passed DMARC or not, and if not the reason. The organisations can, then, direct the receiving email providers on what action to take with respect to the quarantined emails.

Outbound DMARC

With DMARC, you can authenticate all the domains that are authorised to send emails on your behalf. If an imposter tries to spoof one of your DMARC-enabled domains, they can be quickly spotted on a DMARC-enabled receiving domain, protecting the receiver against frauds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Is Rediffmail for Work Dmarc solution is available only if our email services are with you?

It is not necessary that our DMARC services are available only if you have emails with us, you can host your emails with any service provider & still avail our DMARC services.

2. I don’t understand the dashboard data & reports

Our DMARC services include complete handholding for customers along with dashboard trainings & other QnA sessions.

3. Is it mandatory to create separate email accounts for DMARC reports?

Yes, these email address are part of your DMARC record & hence it is suggested to create separate accounts.

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