Addressing the on-premise vs cloud email dilemma with Hybrid Email Setup.

There’s been an on-going debate about on-premise email vs cloud email, where stakeholders such as IT Managers and senior infrastructure leaders have been weighing up the “control” and “performance” of an on-premise email service with the “ease of use” and “lightness” of a cloud-based email service.

We think there’s an answer. The answer is Hybrid email.

moving from on premise email to cloud email with hybrid setup

Hybrid email setup is when an organization uses two email services simultaneously to send and receive its users’ emails. Contrary to popular belief, hybrid email setups are not limited only to on-premise and cloud combinations, but also expand to cloud and cloud combinations.

As widely discussed, on-premise servers have their own advantages such as control over the data, physical existence of the servers in the organization’s premises, limited and regulated consumption of the internet bandwidth etc. However, in today’s age when most organizations are moving towards a hybrid work setup where the employees can choose to work from the office for a part of the work week while they work remotely for the rest of it, an on-premise email system would be nothing less than a nightmare to operate with.

Due to the mission-critical nature of emails in most organizations today, moving to the cloud has become an absolute necessity. To keep the business moving, while ensuring the safety of your teams, working together from around the world requires a robust, cost effective and secure platform that lets you collaborate with your team. And the team can focus on its strengths and be productive even in the difficult times. Rediffmail for Work is the platform to achieve this.

With Rediffmail for Work, you can empower your entire workforce with seamless and safe email communication, secure business messaging, un-interrupted on-cloud collaboration and HD voice and video conferencing, while keeping a section of your workforce on your existing email service, and both shall coexist smoothly.

Employing a virtual IT team with responsibilities to maintain your on-premise servers, co-ordinate with your other cloud service provider using a chat-only support, and helping your employees troubleshoot their problems remotely can severely slow down productivity. We understand the implications and therefore we offer our customers expert professional support – on call. Our teams are based in India and comprise of experts that understand the product and the ecosystem very well. While the other service providers may take time to respond to your support queries over an email, we understand the pressing urgency to solve your problems, and we take it very seriously.

Moreover, using hybrid email also helps you build a redundant email system that backs up for errors and delivery failures by one of the providers, meaning – Having two email services together always assures delivery and receipt of emails, to keep the continuity of your communication. Given the critical nature of email, achieving such continuity empowers your business.

Hybrid Email Setups also lower your IT and operations costs, by shifting a major part of your workforce to a cost-effective cloud email solution where you end up paying just for the service, and not for the infrastructure, dedicated internet and the maintenance of the setup.

Summarizing the Hybrid email setup

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