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Hybrid Integration: With an in-house email server

Let’s look at some scenarios where you need to host some mailboxes on an email server hosted in your office or factory:

  1. When the office is in a location with poor internet connectivity.
  2. When many employees use emails only for internal communication.
  3. When there is a “no internet” policy for certain employees due to the sensitive nature of their work.

In such scenarios, you can use a local email server for some employees while using Rediffmail for Work for the rest.

Hybrid Integration: With other email service providers

There may be situations where a few employees use advanced features of another system extensively for things like workflows, directory service, CRM, Polycom conferencing.

Even in this scenario, it is possible to have the rest of your employees on Rediffmail for Work.

Here you can match Rediffmail for Work with any other enterprise grade email service of choice from across multiple in-house email providers or cloud email options, be it Office 365, Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace or any licensed in-house mail service like that available via a Microsoft Cal License.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. In a hybrid setup, Do we need to add MX records of both the service providers?

No, you need to identify your primary service provider & mention only their MX records for your domain. 

2. If only primary provider MX will be mentioned then how will the mails get delivered to another service provider?

You need to create a rule/policy in the primary server, according to this rule mails will be routed for users that are hosted with the secondary service provider. 

3. The policy/rule should be created only with the primary service provider?

You need to create the routing policy/rules with both the service providers; you can get in touch with us for further assistance.

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