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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a hybrid email setup?

Some cases in which hybrid email setup could be of great use are: - If a large part of your team works remotely – Remote working with email servers that are on-prem is always longer and slower, therefore less efficient compared to a quick access email on the cloud. - When there is a "no internet" policy for certain employees due to the sensitive nature of their work. Hybrid email setups essentially blend the indispensability of on-prem servers with the efficiency of the cloud seamlessly.

How easy is it to setup and migrate?

It needs less than 10 minutes to enable your existing email service to co-exist with Rediffmail for Work. Rediffmail for Work's automated migration tool makes it seamless to change from your email service. Your employees can continue using their emails while the migration is on. Our expert support team is always keen to help you with any queries or issues during the process.

How expensive is a hybrid email setup?

Typically the cost of hosting email servers on-premise involves a lot of expense heads like - the hardware, internet lines, support contracts etc. On the other hand, cloud email solutions are offered at a competitive price because they operate at a much larger scale making the per-user cost of the solution much lesser in contrast to the on-premise solution. Moreover, cloud email solutions also come with expert tech support that is dedicated to various stages through the client's lifecycle.