Online Documents free of any license charges

Collaborate on documents in real time

Provides greater integration with email

Key Features

Looks and feels like MS Office

The RCloud interface looks and feels very similar to MS Office and comes with a word processor, a presentation tool a spreadsheet tool. The functionalities of these components are comparable to MS Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites.

You can set policies

In RCloud, administrators can set policies that restrict the downloading and saving of documents. The restriction can be enabled on individual users, a group of users, or all users. Once enabled, the user will be able to only view documents coming to them via email attachments, but won’t be able to download, save or print them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of files are supported?

All office documents like docx, xlsx, ppt, pdf is supported. You can create & edit office related documents online.

2. What if we want to restrict download of documents?

The administrator can set permissions for users as per the requirement. Administrator can restrict Download & Edit permissions for a user that will not allow them to download the documents.

3. Can we access RCloud documents without login in to the email account?

No, RCloud is an integral part of your email account hence it cannot be accessed with logging to your email account.

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