Rediffmail for Work is built on a robust infrastructure protected by a state of the art firewall

Robust Infrastructure

Ultra-secure Business Communication Cloud

Key Features

Private Peering between DCs

Private Peering with Data Centers across the country enables us to offer an unfailing, continuous, and secure service to our users.

Reachable from anywhere, including remote locations of India

Our thoughtfully designed architecture connects us to the most remote locations of India with ease. Our dedicated lines with well-covered ISPs in India helps us to offer our services across platforms and in all nooks and corners of the country with a latency less than 100ms.

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 Certified

Rediffmail for Work is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 Certified. Our certifications vouch for our commitment to delivering great quality service, a well-protected infrastructure against cyberthreats and offering a safe cloud-based service to all.

S/MIME Support for end-to-end encryption

Rediffmail for Work is encrypted with a TLS 2.0 as standard and supports end-to-end encryption using S/MIME. S/MIME is a message encryption standard that offers a more secure means to transmit sensitive data over emails.

Multi-fold Advanced Threat Protection

Rediffmail for Work employs a multi-fold advanced threat protection mechanism to protect users from cyber threats such as malwares, spear phishing attacks, identity theft and email frauds. We use a combination of Perimeter ATP that uses IP intelligence and inbound filtering of emails using DMARC to protect you from imposters and a sandbox for the detonation of malware payloads contained in suspicious emails. Our heuristic ML algorithms continuously learn and filter spam and potential threat emails to keep your business email safe and clean.

Data Leak Prevention

With our Data Leak Prevention Software, we provide a platform for you to set policies, assign users and monitor incidents of potential data leak within your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Rediffmail for Work safe for usage in the banking sector?

Yes. Rediffmail for Work is built on an infrastructure that is privately peered, keeping the connections between networks completely safe. Our advanced threat protection mechanism and firewalls keep your data protected at all times. We’re trusted by some of India’s top Banks.

2. Is Rediffmail for Work end-to-end encrypted?

Rediffmail for Work supports end-to-end message encryption using S/MIME. The infrastructure uses Standard encryption using TLS. 

3. Does Rediffmail for Work support Business Continuity?

Yes. We offer Disaster Recovery services that are strategically architectured to keep your data safe from calamities. We also offer backup services and advanced threat protection that together allow you to keep your mailboxes safe and clean.

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