Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict my user's email access to a certain network or device?

Yes, Rediffmail for work has features like Geo fencing, IP restrictions, Device Binding & more such features that will help you to customize the user access as per your needs.

What is Enterprise messenger?

rBol is a secure Enterprise instant messenger app for businesses available on iOS, Android, and on the Rediffmail for Work website.

How is rBol enterprise messenger different than other public social instant messengers?

One of the important differences is that rBol works with your employees work email addresses & not their mobile numbers thereby maintaining the complete privacy of the user.

How many maximum participants are supported in Video Conference?

Up to a 100 participants can join a meeting.

What about the security in Video Conference?

The Video Meeting application is highly secure with communication between client and server enabled through TLS 1.2. Along with this passwords can be set to join the meetings rooms. So, that no unknown person can join the meeting.

Does Rediffmail have backup & archival features?

Yes, Archival & backup features are available respectively that will help in legal & compliance requirements.

Can I migrate my old data to Rediffmail for work?

Yes, our migration team can help you to move your existing data with almost zero mail loss to Rediffmail for work.

Can I manage multiple domains with Rediffmail for work?

Yes, Rediffmail for work has group domain management available wherein multiple domains can be managed with a single admin account.

What do you mean by flexible plans?

Rediffmail for work allows you to choose customized plans & provide cost effective email solution. There are different plans starting from 1Gb till 100gb, you can choose a mix of different plans or any single plan as per your requirement.