Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between anti-spam & anti-phishing?

Both spam and phishing are used to manipulate a user into revealing their personal information, passwords, account credentials, etc. Spam mails are mostly generic & sent to a lot of users at a time whereas phishing is a targeted attack on an organization or a user. Hence the filtering algorithms for both these types are different & both are needed as part of your business email security.

Is Device Binding available for Rediffmail mobile app?

Yes, administrator has the option to bind a certain device for a particular user. The user needs to share a code that will be generated in the Rediffmail mobile app, the administrator can use this code to bind the device.

What other restrictions features are available with Rediffmail for work.

Rediffmail for work have multiple features that can be applied by the administrator to restrict email usage for the users. Mail access restrictions - It helps the administrator to block the login access from different protocols like https, pop, imap, smtp. Feature access restrictions - The administrator can block certain feature like auto-forward, profile details, etc. as per the organization requirements. IP restrictions - Administrator can allow email access only from a certain set of IP's.

Rediffmail for Work Dmarc solution is available only if our email services are with you?

It is not necessary that our DMARC services are available only if you have emails with us, you can host your emails with any service provider & still avail our DMARC services.

Does DMARC prevent all types of phishing attacks from my domain?

No, DMARC works only when your domain name is used for spoofing, there any other spoofing methods like Display name spoof, look alike domain spoof & in such cases dmarc will not be applicable.

Why our email data should be hosted locally?

Local data storage provides data privacy and freedom from foreign surveillance, it also helps you to gain data access for legal or compliance purposes. Foreign data providers can reject your request for data access as they are bound to compel with the Indian laws.

Is Rediffmail for work compliant with the Indian Laws?

Yes, it is compliant with the Indian Data Protection Bill of 2018 that aims to prevent misuse of personal data and lay down norms for cross-border transfer of personal data.

What is needed to start using this DLP solution?

For using this DLP solution, we require the users in your organization to be on Rediffmail for Work. Apart from that a DLP subscription confirmation is all that is required.

Does this DLP solution require installation on all of my company's devices?

No, this DLP Solution works at the Email Gateway and doesn't require installation on any of your company's devices. Moreover, you can choose the users and departments in your company to protect and subscribe only for those, selectively.

Does this DLP Solution work with other business email providers?

No, this DLP solution requires your business email to be on Rediffmail for Work.